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How can Hemp be used as a FUEL?
  Hemp is a excellent source of high quality cellulose biomass. Biomass fuels are clean and virtually free from metals and sulphur's, so they do not cause nearly as much air pollution as fossil fuels. Even more importantly, burning biomass fuels does not increase the total amount of carbon dioxide in the Earth's atmosphere. Biomass fuels could provide Canada with all it's energy needs currently supplied by fossil fuels. The use of biomass will reduce acid rain and reverse the greenhouse effect.

  Hemp results in a 95.5% fuel to feed ratio when used for pyrolysis - the thermochemical process that converts organic matter into fuel. Biomass has a heating value of up to 8000 BTU/lb, with virtually no residual sulphur or ash during combustion.

  Hemp is the #1 producer of biomass per acre in the World. Biomass energy expert, Lynn Osburn estimates that 11/2 to 3 1/2 million acres of hemp could replace all of Canada's fossil fuel demands.

  The hemp paper-making process requires no dioxins-producing chlorine bleach and uses 75% to 85% less sulphur-based acid. The paper mills now in palace would require little conversion in order to switch from wood to hemp pulp.Hemp produces the strongest, most durable natural soft-fibre on Earth. Hemp cloth is stronger, more durable, warmer, and more absorbent than cotton. Best of all, hemp can be grown in Canada, cotton can not.

  Hemp grow in Canada will require no herbicide or insecticide applications. Hemp fibre breathes and is recyclable, unlike petroleum-based synthetic fibres. A fully mature hemp plant may contain 1/2 of it's dry weight in seed.

  Hemp seed has an oil content of 34%, more than any other seed. Hemp seed oil is second only to whale oil in quality and has the same burning qualities and viscosity as #2 grade heating oil, without any of the sulphur-based pollutants. Low THC hemp is not suitable as a psychoactive drug.

  In Canada, hemp can be grown successfully from our southern borders to approximately 60 degrees North, the parallel that divides The North West Territories from the provinces.

  The hemp plant will reach a height of up to 5 meters (16 feet) and sink a main tap root down 2 meters (6 feet). This tap root will draw nutrients from deep in the soil and make them available to subsequent crops when the hemp leaves are shed on the soil, returning up to 60% of the nutrients it takes. This extensive root system also helps to alleviate the problem of soil compaction. 

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